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Ukrainian Flags

we will defeat Putin
and rebuild Ukraine

We are the foundation created for rebuilding Ukraine after the aggression  of Putin regime.

Rebuild not only physically but mentally  as well ...

The Ukraine Foundation is created to help Ukraine and Ukrainian people in time of aggression  of Russian Federation (putin (can't type with big letter) regime).

Independence Day of Ukraine

Current Projects to Fund

Програми психологічної підтримки

At this moment we are helping Ukrainian guards to have equipment they need to protect Ukraine cities from russian army.

Illuminated Street in Kharkiv

Who supports the fund:

- Canadian Psychological Association

- Foundation (Latvia)

- iSTAGE Production

- performance "What Men Are Silent About ..."

- BIGSHOW agency

- 386 anonymous donors



Key Lane

5 -158,  Vovchynets village,

Ivano-Frankivsk district, Ukraine, 76491



© 2023 by Ukraine-Foundation.

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